With the convening of the Copenhagen climate change conference and the conferences and the heat of the proposals finalized, attention to the global environment, emphasis on environmental protection has become the consensus of people around the world.

This trend is also blowing the toy industry, the toy design and production, if environmental protection has become an important factor. Wooden toys natural environment, sustainable development of forests with forest production, can play a unique texture of wooden toys. Design wooden toys in style and materials, not only give them a fresh feel very different, but also to foster the children's environmental awareness.

In order to promote environmental protection, to encourage consumers to holiday gifts, do not cause damage to the ecological, the World Wildlife Fund (referred to as the "WWF") first introduced this year, Christmas baskets and Yushi 4 green wooden toy models. The former selection of fair trade food, beverages and gift basket boutique for WWF, the main packaging also simple; green wooden toys with the sustainable development of forest trees manufacturing, high-style, including piles of pandas, and a variety of wooden chess three-dimensional puzzles.

Concept of environmental protection is also reflected in the design and creative toys, recently, by the HKTDC's "Innovation & Design Expo" held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center, on display the latest technology from around the world inventions and designs, which Many fashion design are invariably play the concept of environmental protection.