Company issued year-end awards, Competition is not only financial resources, strength, and creativity. Condom when the company issued before year-end awards, now a company to continue Funny, the "poo" issued to employees. But this shit is not the kind Live Flesh, but the toys. Whether it is "determined to improve himself" or "down to earth", the company asked for is luck; employees want is iPhone4, iPad so visible and tangible benefits.

As early as a week ago, a foreign trade company in Nanjing, a small position to receive notification of the mysterious leadership. "This year's year-end awards will give you a surprise Oh!" Hope the stars and hope the moon, finally heading for the New Year, the boss handed out to all my colleagues in units year-end awards.

Yesterday morning, a small position as usual to the office and found more than a lump of feces on the table something yellow - a group of hairy, "poop." Beyond the desk of my colleagues around the Chou Chou, without exception, the whole pile of "poo." Small position suddenly realized, the so-called "surprise" So ah.

It was enough to create misunderstandings, but also my colleagues to figure out accordingly extraordinary leadership of the "profound meaning." "Leadership is to make us" ought to try harder ', to know good and bad, thank you leadership. "There are colleagues to continue to spoof, decided to use the end of the year award to painted walls coated with paint to the appropriate leadership" fat dung coated walls, "the call.

New Tide faction: not four bags of apples, but four generations of Apple

Since iPhone4 and iPad turned out to not only became a sought-after wave of goods, most of the year is also the end of the year so that employees look forward to the benefits.

It was posted on microblogging, "and the end of the year Winner! Than four bags of apples, but Apple's fourth generation Oh!" This statement came out, immediately raised a jealousy envy hate. User "weiz" evaluation, and finally heard the voice of the masses, and now Apple prices, and can send four bags of apples are good, Red Eye.

Someone broke the news on the micro-Bo, "the South not only for employees of a media made a iPhone4, also made a 20 kg sweet potato per person, the implication is: do not newspaper people call the shots, it is better to go home selling sweet potatoes." In order for leadership to see This micro-Bo, to achieve the effect beating about the bush, microblogging has been a lot of forwards, "knows no use, or to be transferred to the leadership to see." "I do not insist on sweet potato, not too long iPhone4 it."

Shabby school: foot tub, the staff, "down to earth"

Run rate of increase in wages, but CPI, year-end awards issued every year, marking time are also many. Xiao Cao unshakeable where the annual bonus is Foot bathtub. In this regard, the manager of the argument is that "wash away all the fatigue and dust over the past year, the coming year to continue to work down to earth."

"Fat Foot bathtub every year, I came to the company five years, the hair more than me and my husband Footbath, and even elderly people are one of the staff." Xiao Cao so pleased that finally this year to enhance the quality end of the year award, not fat Foot bathtub instead of a full tub. "200 yuan a foot bath, this kind of 'pragmatic' value content have it!" And other companies like the shabby, Xiao Cao said the meet, "with price increases, and finally people see progress."

Sad reminders sent: The company issued bonus, no I

Into November, Zhong Wei's company continued rumors about the end of the year award. Are said to be made iPad; there that want to send the card machine, flying in the trail full time, the company human resources news from the New Year would definitely be made mobile, iPhone4 book not because instead of the Nokia N8.

Zhong Wei is quite excited about this, give up your replacement plan, the share of special gift such as year-end awards. A few days later, a more than year-end awards are not made sad reminder of the news: No not fat, but issued only to employees and the annual outstanding prize winner on the year-end dinner! Zhong Wei's filled with moments of frozen blood, "the purpose is to inspire, and this is not caused mass internal contradiction?" Excellent staff thought to myself if not, draw a small probability did not expect that this is only jealous envy.